About Us

Cade And Levi Owner Opperators

CLos LLC is a company founded on core values of integrity, confidentiality, accountability, and availability. While these values apply to what we do, they are more so who we are.

Our motto is "Security Forward"
We’re not dedicated to security alone, but each product and service we offer has security in the forefront of design and application

With CLos you can feel confident in your data and interactions. It is not our style to share information willy-nilly, and we don't think your computer should either. Even with our most basic anti-virus check, we keep an eye out for leaks created by malicious software. Beyond that, all the services we provide are configured to be secure from the outset, so you don't share what you don't want to.

In today’s environment, many companies will provide their products with a simple drop-in platform. Sometimes you may not even see the tech. Our owners are from small towns, we believe in a face-to-face handshake; we like you to know who you are working with. This attitude adapts nicely to data. We want you to be sure that your information can be trusted. This is something we can train you to look out for, or even set up checks and premierships to happen automatically.

We know that confidentiality and integrity mean little if there is no availability. At CLos, we have found a balance allowing us to be available for you, as well as keep your recourses accessible. We accomplish this by sticking to a structure that we have developed through experience working with a diverse array of system types and customers. Whether you have a simple web page, or are hosting data for remote offices or employees, we can help you keep your information available and secure.

Accountability runs close to the core of CLos. We like to know what is going on. This applies to our data employees and customers. This philosophy applies to data as well who has assess, who has modified data, who owns the information. Taking this extra step allows you to have a broader view on how your information is being used and how to improve flow.

Choosing CLos will provide you with a company as interested in your success as their own. We look forward to working with you.


James Cade Anderson
Levi Everett Parsons